I am a web developer with a deep history of design, and an understanding of the science of website conversion.


Working primarily on Macs for many years, I have begun to embrace Linux and I can really appreciate the freedom and control. The Apache server is the laboratory where I do all sorts of unspeakable things. MySQL and PHP provide persistence and dynamism almost approaching that of my personality. (It's a joke, my ego is really not that large... promise.)

A feel for the front-end

I recognize the importance of presentation and interactivity in the user experience. By way of jQuery and the new JS frameworks, I work to lend a desktop software experience to web applications. I use Sass/Compass to add cross-browser CSS3 like a boss. With this approach, the stuff I build is almost as sexy as I am. (OK, seriously kidding around here!)

Rubber meets the road

When it comes to making the right impression on the audience, I got tools for that as well. Absorbing the wisdom of Bryan Eisenberg and Avinash Kaushik via Market Motive and using cutting edge conversion science to increase ROI for the clients of an award-winning SEO agency has given me the confidence to design experiences that can drive results.


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